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Web Copy

Writing That Helps People Find You on the Internet

Google and Bing don't search on the pretty pictures, the cool graphic designs or the video clips. They search on keywords and phrases, which is why good web copy and search engine optimization is so important.

Writing web copy requires you to take a step back from your business and think about it the way your customer does. What is your customer looking for? What search terms will he use to find your company or product? You may manufacture "doggy daycare room dividers," but sure as shootin' your next customer is searching under "dog fence."

Making your website "findable" among the billions and billions of websites in cyberspace is a challenge I like to take on! It's fun to put on the persona of your target audience and look at things from their perspective and to find ways to bring them closer to you!

Grammar and Punctuation are Important, Even in Cyberspace

When prospective customers do find you, how do you look? According to Charles Duncombe, a British businessman who runs travel, mobile phone and clothing websites, correct spelling is important. "You get about six seconds to capture [someone's] attention on a website," he says. Poor spelling and grammar raise concerns about fraud and safety. Duncombe tracked one of his own websites and found that revenue for the site was twice as high after an error was corrected. Don't let little mistakes cost you big money!

Writing Searchable Web Copy in Minneapolis

Old dogs and old copywriters can and do learn new tricks. I've gained considerable web copy writing experience in the past few years. Hopefully, that experience has brought you to my website today. Although Google changes its algorithms frequently, the correct search terms and good writing will bring traffic your way. Contact me today for a quote. 612-781-3731

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