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Press Releases

A Big-Company Tool Every Business Should Use

Press releases are a big-company tool that small companies don't understand or use to their advantage. Press releases are NEWS stories, not advertising. As such, they carry more credibility with readers.

I don't just write press releases, I place them, too-right smack dab in front of the editors who print them in the publications that your target audience reads! 

A Press Release is Not an Ad

Many people think a press release is "free advertising." It isn't. A press release, also called a news release, is news. It's an announcement about a new product, a new hire or an event. It doesn't "sell" anything, but it carries more weight with readers because it comes across as, well, news! Editors are not obliged to print your press release, but a news item will bring you far more credibility than paid advertising.

A well-written press release prompts an editor, reporter or broadcaster to pick up the phone and call you for more information about your event, product or news.

Need a Press Release Writer in Minneapolis?

Press releases are my bread and butter. For far less than what public relations agencies or online PR services charge, I can write your release and submit it to the proper, targeted media outlets. For more information, contact me at 612-781-3731, or send an email.

"Cindy is the BEST at writing our press releases over the years. She is creative and actually listens to what we want. I would tell the world about how great she is!"--Rick Martinek, President and CFO, MediaMAX Events

"Telling your story to the people who need to hear it."

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