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Have a Story to Tell?

Media relations is always easier when you have a compelling story to tell. The trick is finding the right medium for the message.  In this case, it was the story of a man with two seemingly unrelated businesses, Larson Systems, Inc., and Stone Mountain Pet Lodge. LSI manufactures machines that test springs of all sizes, from tiny ones in ballpoint pens to gigantic springs at the bottoms of elevator shafts. Stone Mountain Pet Lodge is, well, a pet hotel. They are both owned by David Larson, a mechanical engineer.

I first pitched the story to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, but Dave was shy about disclosing sales figures, so the story was declined. The next pitch went to Twin Cities Business magazine, which sent out a writer and a photographer. The result was a 'Spotlight' article in the June 2009 issue. 'Springs and Springers' was a welcome piece of upbeat business news as the Great Recession deepened.

Hire an Experienced Minneapolis PR Person to Make Your Pitch

You may think you have a great story, but convincing an editor that it's newsworthy is not always an easy task. Hire an experienced public relations professional who knows how to shape a pitch and get it to the right person. Call 612-781-3731 or send an email to Cynthia Sowden.

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