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For feature articles for placement in trade magazines or employee publications, call 612-781-3731.

Feature Articles Increase Your Credibility

Whether it's for a consumer or trade magazine, or your employee publication, I love to write feature articles. I enjoy learning about people, manufacturing processes and...just about anything! And I love to share what I learn with readers. Feature articles are a great PR tool, too. Many trade pubs fill their pages with company-originated pieces.

Promote Your Business With a Feature Article

A feature article placed in a trade magazine that goes to all your customers can boost your credibility and your sales. Contact Minneapolis writer Cynthia Sowden at 612-781-3731 or send an email.

"Telling your story to the people who need to hear it."


Inventors are good people to talk to. Like entrepreneurs, they overflow with ideas. A feature article on Compass International and its unique neurosurgery guidance systems ...

Goat Lady

Sometimes I assign myself feature articles and sell them to magazines. I love to meet genuine, un-sung heroes and tell their stories. This feature on Ada Austin appeared in Wild ...

St. Croix Hardwoods Feature Article

This article on St. Croix Hardwoods appeared in the Builders Journal. It involved a one-hour on-site interview with the owners. Seeing all that beautiful wood made me want to re-do my kitchen~

Thermo Tech Windows

Freelance-written articles abound in trade journals. I enjoy factory tours and finding out how things are made. It helps me write in greater detail and with better accuracy. Sauk ...

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