Finding the "Hook"

There's more to press releases than writing one and sending it to the media. It's also a matter of finding the right news "hook," information that catches a reader's (and an editor's!) eye.

I recently wrote a release for a client who wanted to publicize an upcoming health expo. He wanted to talk about record attendance. Buried in his e-mail to me, however, was an interesting scrap of information: Flash mobs would popup during the two-day event. These "mobs" would be practicing yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and other healthy activities at the drop of a hat. Flash mobs, I told him, were the hook.

Here's the result, just seven days after it was posted to

"Your release entitled "Flash Mobs Expected at Healthy Life Expo" went live on December 22, 2011. So far your release has received 39,350 impressions and 824 reads."

We had found the right hook.

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