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Make Brochures Part of Your Marketing Mix

Advertising people call them 'collateral,' and lump them in with shelf talkers and point-of-purchase aids. Sales folk call 'em 'leave-behinds,' those colorful folded pieces of paper that arouse interest, explain your business or provide more details about your product. Whatever you call them, brochures are handy tools that should be included in every business' marketing tool kit.

Hire a Seasoned Minneapolis Brochure Writer

There's a trick to writing brochures. You have to convey a lot of information in a restricted amount of space. A good copywriter takes the time to consider the brochure's layout and plans each panel accordingly. When you need a brochure writer who knows the difference between features and benefits and can explain both, contact Cynthia Sowden at 612-781-3731, Or send a email.

Cass Screw

Cass Screw Machine Products wanted a new image to reflect its professionalism and growing stature in the machining industry. A plant tour, a few interviews with key people, and ...

John's Cleaning Service

Although he had been in business for more than 30 years, John Armstrong, John's Cleaning Service, had never had a professional brochure to promote his business to commercial and ...

LDI Benefits

Employee benefits brochures can be dull, boring and hard to understand. Or, they can be fun, attractive and easy to follow. One of the company vice presidents at Liberty ...

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