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Have a Product to Sell?

Advertising--print, three-dimensional, catalogs--works. It's effective if it's targeted to the right audience.  It's a game of reach and frequency.

But unless you're selling tomato sauce on a 3/$1 special on Sunday only, you can't expect instant sales. Ads create awareness. They get your potential customer to look at your product. Repeated often enough, ads do bring in inquiries and customers. You just have to give 'em time.

I like to write ads because they give me a chance to play with the words. Paired with some great graphics, a clever twist of a headline can have real stopping power. That's what advertising is all about. Getting people to stop what they're doing and take a look at what you have to offer.

Hire a Professional Advertising Copywriter

I studied advertising at the University of Minnesota. I've written ad copy in an agency setting and as a corporate marketer. When you need advertising stopping power, call me at 612-781-3731, or email.

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